Over the last 3 years FootballPlus and the KNVB (Dutch Football Association) have partnered together to train 186 coaches in the KNVB’s WorldCoaches programme. WorldCoaches is the CSR program of the Dutch Football Association and is active in 23 countries around the world.


Beside training the coaches in how to be a better coach for the kids on the field, they also learn how to use their impact as a role model in a positive way outside the field. In the 5 days course the participants find ways how they can use the power of Football/futsal to solve issues in their own communities.


I coach a female futsal team. I often apply the concept of the team function and organization as a learning experience for my team. It helps my players to understand how to play better in the games. They developed not only in techniques but also insight and communication during the games. Now they meet up not only to play futsal but they’ve bonded a close friendship among themselves. One issue most of them face is the conservative tradition where there is no gender equality in their family. Men usually are more prioritized in having good education, leadership, career in sports, etc. By meeting them regularly on and off the field, I try to encourage them to be more confident and believe in themselves, to have positive attitudes and strong mentality.
Coach Caroline, Medan