The quickest way to multiply the ethos of FootballPlus is to train coaches. These coaches then return to their clubs using FootballPlus methodologies and materials to coach their players multiply the impact we are having. We have trained 702 coaches within Asia in the last five years. These coaches are impacting 15,000 young people every week.

Our training department is here to resource and equip coaches to make a difference locally through football and futsal. We believe that by passing on our experience and knowledge of community development through football to coaches and players, we can make a lasting difference to local communities, and raise the level of coaching within the country. Therefore we run weeklong intensive training programs, where we explain the key principles of how to coach football, and run events that can help strengthen your community.


Due to the success of the training department a need and a desire to network alumni from our training courses together began to grow. By creating the Association, we are helping our coaches to form regional networks that can assist each other in the programs that they are running in their community. The Association is here to assist and encourage these networks. Starting in 2014 we plan to run an annual conference in Semarang providing further networking opportunities for our coaches.