We believe that every child has the right to an education and a right to play. We want to help children who would not otherwise have these opportunities to find the champion within themselves. Indonesia’s economy is growing and developing, however there are still many people within Indonesia that are very poor and do not have the same opportunity to receive a good education or play football; helping them to take part in a meaningful way in the growing economy. This led to the FootballPlus teams’ creation of the Champions project.

Time and time again, we meet champions here in Indonesia. Children, who through no fault of their own have been born into poverty. They often have two desires, one to go to school, and the other to play football. The Champions project was started as a child sponsorship plan where personal care can be taken to help these true ‘Champions’. The program provides education at a local school, milk and food to help them grow physically, and the program also provides a small amount of money to each ‘Champion’ to teach them the virtue of saving and using their money wisely. Lastly we scholarship them into our Football and Futsal Academies so they can play the game they love.