Our football and futsal camps are amongst our most popular programs. During a camp we provide 5 days of fun footballing activities for the children. Each camper is given the opportunity to meet new friends, win trophies and prizes, learn new skills, and learn life lessons that can be applied on and off the field. The children are always enthusiastic and our camps are growing every year.

This year we were able to serve 106 kids, from a different backgrounds. The theme was Respect. Players learned how to respect the environment, authorities, team-mates, and opponents. As one parent shared during the camp:
“This is such a great way to teach the values and ethos of FootballPlus to young people. You bring children together from different walks of life, you have fun, you make a team and then you share a message of respect to these young people. You have created a memory that will last a life time.”


Support a Camper is our program that sponsors underprivileged children to join the camps. This year thanks to various sponsors for the program, we were able to have 38 players join in and have an unforgettable experience.

One of those players was Abdul (14 years). He shared the following about the camps:
What I like so much from the camp is in the first place that we get high quality practices from the different coaches. It is also cool that I can make new friends. Usually I always play together with kids from my own neighborhood. Between practices this year I learned about Respect.



Hein is from Holland and moved to Indonesia in 2012. He is now heading up our camps program. Contact Hein if you want to run a FootballPlus camp in your city