FootballPlus is a non-profit organization which was established in 2007, when Jon Hamilton and his family moved to Indonesia. Previously, Jon had visited Indonesia on several occasions to play in football tours and also to work with children in the UNICEF tsunami refugee camps in Aceh 2005. He saw the huge power football could have to bring about a positive change in communities and in 2007 started FootballPlus.

The work within Indonesia grew quickly. Lives of many young people were impacted by the work of FootballPlus. That led to new opportunities to open up new offices within Asia. In 2008 an office was started in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Then in 2011 we started in Erdenet, Mongolia and then finally in 2012 we opened in Singapore.


JonĀ Hamilton played amateur football in the UK before moving to Indonesia. At the age of 21 he started coaching and at 31 he become one of the youngest coaches ever to pass the UEFA A badge through the English FA. He is married to Sophia and has two boys.